Current Results

Last updated: 9/3/2020
Top Private BoatPoints
DECARB, Sam Moore, Matt Moore, and Doug Chamberlain9,600
Draggin’ Up, Owner Chris Heule7,500
Shakedown, Owner Gabriel Goodman5,300
Top Outboard BoatPoints
Justified, Owner John Bowen1,000
She Gone, Owner Steven Caruselle500
PayCzech, Owner Joe Schiller300
Top Male AnglerPoints
Casey Wedgeworth3,500
Sam Rasberry3,500
Daniel Miers3,000
Top Female AnglerPoints
Christina Thompson1,500
Kennedy Heule1,000
Julie Coulter200
Darlene Rhodes200
Top Junior AnglerPoints
Max Moore2,700
Walker Rhodes1,600
Sam Moore, Jr. 1,000
Top CaptainPoints
Troy Day9,600
Kevin Deerman7,500
Raliegh Morrison4,637
Top MatePoints
Conner Golightly7,500
Andy Hollen6,100
Chad Creech3,500
Top Yellowfin TunaWeight
Chase Perthuis (Chase This)149.9
Joe Schiller (Team PayCzech)141.5
Doug Chamberlain (DECARB)94.5
Top DoradoWeight
Weston Rhodes (Walk West)28.5
Weston Rhodes (Walk West)25.7
Top WahooWeight
Walker Rhodes (Walk West)61.1
Austin Sullivan (Justified)43.4
Mike Farnell (Team PayCzech)41
Top SwordfishPoints
Titan Up, Owner Bill Hunt10,000
Shakedown, Owner Gabriel Goodman1,500
Twisted Sisters, Owner David Dion1,250
Last updated: 9/3/2020
Top Gulf Coast Boat of the YearPoints
High Cotton, Owner Pete Bell5,900
Duolos, Owner Juan Menchaca Sr.3,000
Amigo, Owner David Denbow1,700
Last updated: 5/12/2020
Top Private BoatPoints
Huntress, Darryl & Lori Schoreder14,800
Slight Edge, Owners Perry & Cinda Forrester9,600
Draggin’ Up, Owner Chris Heule3,000
Top Male AnglerPoints
Perry Forrester4,000
Darryl Schroeder3,900
Top Female  AnglerPoints
Cinda Forrester4,000
Nancy Frazer700
Jennifer Blount100